Swimming Pool Service

Swimming Pool Service, Repairs & Maintenance

Swimming Pools by Ike Jr. has the best swimming pool service team in Broward and Palm Beach County. It’s a fact and we can prove it through our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Swimming pool maintenance by an experienced technician is critical for proper pool care. Contact us today to get your Free Estimate.

Swimming Pool Repairs 
Does your pool need resurfacing, is it cracked or the pool deck or tile damaged? Is the pump and skimmer working properly? Swimming pool repairs should be done quickly by a skilled professional to avoid further damage. Swimming Pools by Ike Jr. is a quality pool builder and is more than qualified to provide any and all pool maintenance and repair needs. Contact us today and we will direct you to a technician who will guide you through the service process.

Pool Inspections
Just as a home inspection informs you about the condition of a home, a pool inspection informs you about the condition of the pool and spa. Most home inspectors do not offer pool or spa inspections as this requires highly specialized skills. Some pool service companies may offer inspections, but as this is not the focus of their expertise they are unlikely to have highly trained and experienced staff dedicated to this purpose.

We have extensive experience performing residential and commercial pool inspections. By attending local educational seminars and national trade shows, we stay in up to date with new developments, codes and technology. When you contract with us, you can be confident you are hiring highly trained professionals for an accurate buyer owner report.

The entire pool environment is evaluated, not just the pool and equipment. The intention of a pool inspection is to evaluate the current condition of all accessible pool components. We identify items that need repair or that need to be brought into code compliance to make the pool or spa operational, safe and reasonable to maintain. We also note the condition of the fence, gates, walkway, pool perimeter, slide, diving board, deck, rails, coping, lighting, structure, and other items of possible concern. Occasionally the inspection will reveal that further specialized testing is warranted.

You receive a detailed, customized report, NOT A CHECKLIST. It summarizes our professional’s evaluation on the condition of your particular pool/spa and its associated accessible equipment. Recommendations for maintenance and repairs are listed in this report, needed to make the pool operational and reasonable to maintain. The inspection report provides the buyer/owner with valuable information about the condition of the pool and its environment. A detailed report will be emailed to the addresses you provide on the request form, soon after the inspection is completed. Call us with any questions you might have or to set an appointment for you pool inspection today.